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Vocational Rehab Training

Does your child have an IEP at school? Have they been diagnosed with ADHD or ADD?

Our instructors have been certified to work with children who have ADHD or are on the autism scale. Our school is currently the only school in Oregon certified to train students impacted by ADHD or high functioning autism through the Behind-the-Wheel with ADHD program. We use repetition, frequent reminders, and virtual reality training to help them become safe, capable drivers. 

Some students need more practice to become proficient in their driving skills.

When your child takes a driver education course as close to their 15th birthday as possible, it maximizes the time they drive with restrictions. 16 to 18-year-old teen drivers receive Graduated Driver Licenses that restrict the number of passengers they have and the hours they can drive. Those restrictions all go away as soon as the child turns 18. Having more time driving under these restrictions increases the effectiveness of the restrictions and the safety of everyone in the car.

Some students on IEPs have difficulty getting their learner's permit and as a result, put off learning to drive until they are older. Our programs can help them grasp the concepts needed to obtain a permit, then slowly teach and re-enforce those concepts prior to licensing.

We make extensive use of virtual reality training which keeps your child in a safe to fail environment until then slowly brings them along during in-car drives.

We also offer additional drive time at a discounted rate to our drive class students. We can customize a package to fit your teen's needs.

Are you an adult who has never learned to drive?

Are you finding that your economic opportunities are limited because of your lack of driving skills? Contact us today. We have taught several adults to drive (ranging in age from 18 to 70). There may be financial assistance available to help you learn how to drive! Don't limit your future by not learning this essential survival skill.

ADHD Driver Ed Courses