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Virtual Reality

Benefit from using a fully-immersive virtual reality driving simulator before getting behind-the-wheel.

Allow your student to practice in an environment where it is safe to fail. Our virtual reality training program exposes our students to complex driving situations without actually driving a car.

Your student will experience multiple scenarios that introduce traffic, weather, road conditions, and in-car distractions. We can also move the students from a passenger car to a light-duty pick-up truck.

Virtual reality driving simulations can increase situational awareness, coordination, and muscle memory. Students also tend to learn very well using this technology. Retention rates up to 70% better than traditional methods have been proven in academic studies. 

We can test a driver's skillsets BEFORE they ever sit behind-the-wheel. The data from performance tracking is a good predictor of how a driver will react in the real world.

Leading the Way in Driver Ed

Columbia River Driver Education is the only school authorized by the state of Oregon to use advanced technology as a substitution for the six hours of required in-car observation. Our program consists of 10 hours (four hours of virtual reality training and six hours of self-paced online study). Instead of spending hours in the car watching other students drive, your student is fully engaged in virtual reality driving simulations. 

  • Basic Teen Package + VR - Under 18 & Unlicensed

    This package is designed for students in high school, are at least 15 years old, and have a learner's permit.

    • 45 hours of classroom training
    • 4 hours of virtual reality training
    • 6 hours of self-paced online study
    • 10.5 hours of behind-the-wheel training
    • Online grade book access
    • Parent/student orientation
    • Textbook
    Secure your spot with a deposit today. The balance must be paid in full prior to the end of the course.


Saint Helens

Apr 19
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We will offer a Spring program, however, we are not sure of the details yet as we wait to see how COVID will effect delivery method. We are using this as a place holder to allow those interested to reserve a spot.

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