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About Our Driver Ed Training Center

We are a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting, encouraging, and training safe driving habits throughout the Pacific Northwest.

Columbia River Driver Education has a great story. It was started by a man named Rich Greene who lived in St. Helens and fell in love with his local community and wanted to help keep teens safe in Columbia County. With Rich's determination and passion he started the driving school in 2019. 

For four years Rich ran the school with great leadership, devotion, integrity, and compassion. In 2022 Rich moved to Florida to help take care of family and pursue a Masters at the University of Florida. Rich tried to run the school from Florida, but with everything he had going on in Florida it proved to be too much. In the summer of 2023 he turned the school over to Tim Beckham. 

Tim Beckham has been in traffic safety for 12 years. He started as a driver education instructor for Oregon Driver Education Center. He moved his way up through the company and became the Vice President of the company. In 2021, Tim took a job as a Project Manager at Highway Safety Services working with the American Driver Traffic and Safety Education Association (ADTSEA) and the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) on national driver education initiatives. He also is a Trainer of Trainer with Western Oregon University since 2016 and a Master Trainer since 2019.

Tim Beckham is humbled that Rich Greene has trusted him to continue the Columbia River Driver Education school. Tim is blessed to have Rich mentoring him through the process of running this school and he hopes he can live up to the expectations Rich has and what Columbia County deserves.

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