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National Safety Council Courses

  • Alive at 25

    Alive at 25 is a curriculum developed by the National Safety Council designed for licensed drivers age 25 and below.

    Alive at 25 is a highly interactive program that teaches young adults how to make safe, respectful and legal driving decisions. Designed for drivers under age 25, the program complements national driver education programs, which focus on laws and vehicle handling. It teaches young drivers how to take control of situations by taking personal responsibility for their own actions, attitudes and driving behaviors.  

    This class is perfect for teens/young adults who became licensed drivers without the benefit of taking driver education or for licensed drivers who have received their first traffic citation.

    This fast paced, 4-hour class focuses on safe driver behaviors and choices.

  • 4-Hour Defensive Driving Course

    We are a National Safety Council Training Center and are certified to provide 4-hour Defensive Driving Course NSC training. This training is perfect as annual training for businesses of all sizes. Send your employees to one of our scheduled training events or we can provide training on-site.

    The leading cause of occupational fatalities is vehicle-related crashes. NSC has been actively working to reduce motor vehicle collisions for more than five decades. We lead the way to reduce traffic crashes, helping save lives. Thousands of companies - Fortune 100 corporations, small businesses, nonprofits and community service agencies - all depend on NSC to educate their employees and professional drivers.

    Implementing a driver safety program, will help your organization keep employees safer and can potentially:

    • Decrease risk of motor vehicle collisions and traffic violations
    • Minimize exposure to liability risks and legal costs
    • Reduce insurance premiums and workers' compensation claims
    • Lower vehicle repair bills and replacement expenses
    • Protect business operations and brand identity

    Discounts available for corporate training based on number of employees.

  • 8-Hour Defensive Driving Course

    We are a National Safety Council Training Center and are certified to provide 8-hour Defensive Driving Course NSC training. This training is perfect for adults who want to improve their driving decision making skills, who are looking for a potential insurance discount and who may need to provide a court with proof of completion of a defensive driving course.

    The NSC Defensive Driving Course delivers the highest level of research-driven content, defensive driving strategies, hazard recognition and learner retention exercises. The multimedia presentation includes a full library of videos and interactive scenarios depicting today's most risky driving behaviors, road situations, traffic incidents and more.

    This course will help influence drivers to make positive choices to improve driving behaviors and attitudes and encourage respectful and lawful decisions to avoid collisions and decrease traffic violations. It provides them with the knowledge and collision prevention techniques that focus on behavior, judgment, decision making and consequences.

    Course objectives include the ability to:

    • Understand the consequences of distracted, fatigued and impaired driving
    • Recognize the habits of defensive driving
    • Better understand vehicle technology and safety features  
    • Identify personal driving behaviors and risk-taking tendencies
    • Improve hazard identification and assessing risks
    • Develop a personal plan for making effective driving choices

    What participants will learn: Participants learn how to recognize both potential and immediate driving hazards and how to avoid traffic violations and collisions in a variety of driving conditions. They will develop a personal plan for making safe and responsible driving decisions.

  • Attitudinal Dynamics of Driving

    THis National Safety Council course is designed to encourage participants to become actively involved in evaluationg their driving habits and making choices about their driving behaviors. This course is designed with a number of activities to help participants develop a plan to change their driving choices and behaviors. This class is typically attended by those with multiple traffic offenses.

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