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ADHD Driver Ed Courses

  • Learner's Permit Prep

    3 hour session reviewing the Oregon Driver's Manual to prepare unpermitted drivers for taking the DMV test and obtaining a Learner's Permit.   

  • Alive at 25

    Alive at 25 is a curriculum developed by the National Safety Council designed for licensed drivers age 25 and below.

    Alive at 25 is a highly interactive program that teaches young adults how to make safe, respectful and legal driving decisions. Designed for drivers under age 25, the program complements national driver education programs, which focus on laws and vehicle handling. It teaches young drivers how to take control of situations by taking personal responsibility for their own actions, attitudes and driving behaviors.  

    This class is perfect for teens/young adults who became licensed drivers without the benefit of taking driver education or for licensed drivers who have received their first traffic citation.

    This fast paced, 4-hour class focuses on safe driver behaviors and choices.

  • ADHD Teen Package

    The premier package is designed for students who may need individual attention due to a diagnosis with ADHD or who are on medication that can impact traditional learning. Our instructors have all received additional training and certification in providing driver education to students with ADHD, and our school is currently the only school in Oregon certified to train students impacted by ADHD or high functioning autism through the Behind-the-Wheel with ADHD program.

    • 30+ hours of classroom training and textbook
    • Development of an Individual Driving Plan that is customized to your student
    • 12 additional hours of one-on-one drivetime designed to improve the student's execution of the tactical and strategic part of driving. Students tend to master the operational part quickly but struggle in planning and risk management. These hours are specifically designed to provide success in these areas.
    • Exams administered in small groups to minimize distraction. We will do a one-on-one exam if needed and provide testing on paper rather than online where appropriate.

    Secure your spot with a deposit today. Balance must be paid in full prior to the end of the course.

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  • Private Lessons - 2 hours

    Take an one-on-one driving lesson to assess your skills, work on a specific maneuver, or just gain more experience behind-the-wheel.

  • Private Lessons - 4 hours

    Save money by purchasing two 2-hour private drives. We will discuss the skills and driving conditions you want to improve and tailor a route for you.

  • Private Lessons - 6 hours

    Our best private drive package features three 2 hour drives, each customized to meet your needs. We will discuss your driving goals and create a package of drives that works beest for you. Need more freeway driving to prepare for college? We can do that. Have difficulty handling curves on rural roads? We could focus on that.